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Functional Cookies
Cookie name Purpose
PHPSESSID Temporarily stores information from your session (website visit). This information is not shared with third parties.
acceptcookie We use this cookie to remind you if you have closed your cookie report or not. Without this cookie, a notification is repeatedly shown. Will be deleted after 1 year and not shared with third parties.
no-tracking If this cookie is set, no analyzing/tracking cookies are used and page visits are not logged (piwik/internal). Some features may not be available. (Stays for 1 year.)

Analyzing cookies
Cookie name Purpose
PIWIK_SESSID Session cookie for Matomo (Piwik). Stays for 24 minutes after cookie’s placement or update.
_pk_id.6.ed26 / _pk_ref.6.ed26 The _pk_id and _pk_ref cookie makes it possible that we can follow the click behavior of an anonymous visitor based on an ID on the Piwik server. By using an ID, we can relate the different http requests to each other. Will be removed after 1 year and 1 month.
_pk_ses.6.ed26 Cookie to identify a unique visit for web statistics. Stays for 24 minutes after cookie’s placement or update.
Cookies starting with __utm and _ga are from Google Analytics and are used for tracking visitor statistics.


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