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Looking for an economic bolting solution with the best quality available?

BoltLife offers the best solutions for complete execution, maintenance and consultancy for your bolting projects while improving economics, quality and traceability!

We offer the HIGHEST level of quality and service AVAILABLE

BoltLife specializes in creating bolted connections that exceed the highest standards in the industry. The specific knowledge of our team allows us to offer custom solutions for your critical bolting projects. A complete range of solutions can be offered for all stages of the project. Feel free to contact us with your questions and challenges or explore our website for more information.

Quality of connections

With our revolutionary procedure, we can safely pre-load your connections to a higher level than the known current alternative torque or tensioning procedures.

Unique verification services

With every phase of the project, BoltLife provides a verification of the work that was executed. Verification of results is done directly after the data is available. This prevents issues with procedures or circumstances to influence the quality of our product. Our services can also be applied to third party verification.

Cost savings

Boltlife has created a pre-load procedure that can be extended with a dynamic maintenance plan. This creates the possibility of an efficient maintenance creating huge savings over the total lifespan of the project.

What we offer

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What makes BoltLife your preferred partner?

The employees at BoltLife developed a procedure that provides a verifiable result that is better than any other system currently used. As each project is different, the specialists at BoltLife use their experience and expertise to provide you with the best solution possible for your project.
BoltLife offers you a complete range of bolting related services. Creating the best connections available and delivering the highest quality is our top priority. We only strive for the best.
BoltLife offers, in consultation with the client, an efficient procedure for the execution of your project. If desired we complement this with a dynamic bespoke maintenance plan.
We distinguish ourselves through a unique procedure that, in combination with ultrasonic bolt load measurements, provides a controlled bolted connection. The bolts will be preloaded above the required values with a spread less than 10%.
A significant portion of our turnover is invested in research and development of services and equipment.

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